Here at Insure-Assist we help clients with Insurance complains. We do confidential inquiries and investigations on behave of our clients.

Many clients are paying a large premium and expect to receive a large payment if something happens just to be disappointed as their claim is rejected by their Insurance Policy company.

Be advised that most Insurance companies have a limited time frame  for you to submit your claim (30 days or maximum of 90 days ) , if you send your claim after  this period it will be rejected for late admittion

We   have 1 st hand experience on rejected claims.

Most Insurance companies make use of external brokers . This brokers do not worry if your policy is the best for you s they just want to receive their huge commission on the sale of your Policy.

We can not change any details on your policy.

We can help and advise you what changes must be made to your policy.  We are a advisory agency and can only do recommendations to you.

Please be advised that we are not brokers or affiliates of any Insurance Company.

We are not layers but we  can recommend good layers if required (Just remember Layers do not work for free)

We charge a once-off fee of R250-00 for every policy we investigate and do recommendations or reports on. If your policy is in order and it require no  changes we will refund you with R100-00 per policy.We do not do any telephonic consultations. ALL communication must be via email as we require a paper trail to insure ALL information is on written record , this is only to protect you as a client and us. We will not discuss your details with any other person than yourself

We do require some documentation from you. ALL information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with ANY other person or party

All information is protected under the POPI act.


Information we require. (All certified and not older than 3 months)

Please email ALL of this documentation to

1 .Your contact details : Name , ID Number , Policy no. , Cellphone no.  (For Emergencies Only)

2. Proof of address

3 .Banking details,

4. Certified copy of your I.D. document

5.Copy of your insurance policy.

6.Your policy number will be used as a reference number

7. E.F.T. – Proof of payment

8. Authorization to act on your behalf to contact and communicate with your insurance company.

Please download this document , complete and scan ,and return via email A.S.A.P.



Please note that all information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd parties

Please allow 10 -14 working days for your request to be processed as we have a huge demand for our service from our clients

Email your request and details to :